Pinterest Fitness Challenges – Squats and Planks

My friends and I are all trying to get into better shape.  We are all approaching “middle age” and we aren’t happy!  We started a little group on Facebook to encourage each other to exercise and just get healthier.  We also decided last month that we would do two challenges we found on Pinterest.  One was a 30 day squat challenge and the other one was a 30 day plank challenge.  How did we do and should you do them?

I took my measurements and made some of the other girls take theirs.  I took before pictures but no one needs to see those.  Here are the two challenges we did:


Before I tell you how we did, I will say that we started out strong, and then really petered out.  I found it to be sort of boring – especially the squat challenge.  Once you start doing a lot, it gets really dull (and hard)!  I also never could really go beyond 1.5 minutes with the planks, so I would do consecutive planks to add up to the time required.  I don’t think anyone did either planks or squats the last week.

I did not lose anything really on my hips or legs.  (One inch on one thigh…I don’t even want to know how I only lost it on one thigh.)  But, I did lose 3″ on my waist!  (Ok, I am dieting too so that might be part of it).  My one friend, who is very skinny already, did not lose anything around her waist but she lost a half an inch on her butt and each thigh.  So the squats paid off for her!  Friend number two, who has lost an incredible amount of weight the past year (see her blog here: lost a half an inch on one thigh and 3/4 of an inch on the other.  And she was quite happy to say that she completed the challenge.  The only one in our group!  And she even went on vacation during that time.  My other friend lost 1-1.5″ all over, so I think she had the best overall results from the challenge.

Final verdict is that I would totally recommend these challenges, but be warned that they get hard to complete the whole month.

We are going to be doing more challenges for August so I will let you know how that goes!  As of this morning, a few of us said we are going to restart the squat challenge and add that to our brand new arm and core challenges.





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